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Otherwise known as "the cat gallery", starring Pashta, Dervish and Mandinga. Click here for their biographies.

Slide shows:
Click on a thumbnail to see the bigger picture - start at the top left of each set to get the full story.

Mandinga joins the family
Dervish: and then there were two

Enjoy the shows.

Mandinga joins the family
Dervish: and then there were two


Pashta is nine years old and is a siamese-tabby mix. She's majestic - ginger points, cream colored, plush fur and bright blue eyes. She's also a lazy thing and has perfected the art of the elegant sprawl.

Dervish is a little over a year old and has grown to be grand in heart, size and furriness. He's an orange tabby with swirls rather than stripes on either side of his body. I have a hunch that he has some Maine Coon in him - he loves water, he's enormous, and he gets into everything. a sweet, big hearted, gregarious and floppy cat. The set of pictures at the bottom show him at four months old - a little bratling.

Mandinga is the newest kitty - he's barely nine weeks old and is a bright and clever orange tabby male. He comes from a long line of Greyhaven cats, cats bred by author Diane Paxson at her home, Greyhaven. After a few rocky days, it's total love between him and Dervish. He follows him everywhere and even nurses at his belly in total earnest while Dervish patiently gives him a thorough bath. Pashta took longer to warm up, of course, but she's taken to bathing him too and has started teaching him the rudiments of Pashta-fu.

The most recent slide show shows all three cats interacting and playing as Mandinga makes his way into the household.

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