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Black Paw Study Group

Wiccan Fundamentals

Wiccans are not "people of the book" in the sense that there exists a single sacred source of writing. Instead, each witch keeps her or his own "Book of Shadows". Wiccan traditions and covens may also keep common collections of writings, also called a Book of Shadows.

NOTE: The links below are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

There are a few writings that have become fundamental to the Craft; while there are varients and versions of these works, for the most part every Wiccan has knowledge of these writings. They are:

The Wiccan Rede, long version
The Witches' Rune (1)
The Witches' Rune (2)
The Charge Of The Goddess

Wiccan Ethics

Below are articles written interpreting the Wiccan etchical standpoint; none are absolute and readers are encouraged to question and debate:

The Wiccan Rede - An Analysis
Principals of Wiccan Beliefs


Below are histories, scripts and poetry specific to the NROOGD tradition of Wicca. None of the writings below are oathbound material.

The NROOGD Circle Script (as revised by the Black Oak line)
Old NROOGD Circle Script
Prayer of the Feet (used in the original version of the circle script - coming soon)
Iron Pentacle Closing (originally included as a connection to the Key of Soloman - "bull" may be used instead of "stag")
NROOGD history - from the NROOGD website
NROOGD history - from the COG website
NROOGD history - from Aidan Kelly's website

General Materials

Black Paw Introduction


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